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At Thompson General Services, our over 40 years of experience and veteran-owned roots guide every project, ensuring precision, reliability, and exceptional craftsmanship. From simple upgrades to complete renovations, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life while exceeding expectations.

Our Detailed Remodeling Services Include:

Kitchens: We specialize in creating beautiful, functional kitchen spaces that serve as the heart of your home. From custom cabinetry and state-of-the-art appliances to efficient layouts and stylish finishes, we ensure your kitchen is a place of joy and functionality. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a warm, traditional style, we make your kitchen dreams a reality.

Bathrooms: Our bathroom remodeling services turn your daily routines into luxurious experiences. We focus on high-quality fixtures, beautiful tiling, efficient space planning, and soothing lighting to create a spa-like atmosphere. Waterproofing and ventilation are also prioritized to ensure longevity and comfort.

Basements: Maximize your home’s potential with our basement remodeling services. Whether you want a cozy family room, an organized home office, a modern home gym, or an entertaining home theater, we transform your basement into a versatile and inviting space. Our team also addresses moisture control and insulation to make your basement comfortable and energy-efficient.

Complete Home Renovations: For those seeking a total transformation, our complete home renovations cover every corner of your residence. We align architectural style, interior design, and personal preferences to create a cohesive and customized living experience. From the living room to the bedroom, we ensure every area of your home reflects your lifestyle and aesthetics.

Why Choose Us for Your Remodeling Needs?

Veteran-Owned Excellence: Our military background informs our strong work ethic, attention to detail, and disciplined approach.

All-Inclusive Services: We manage every aspect of remodeling, from initial design to final touches, ensuring a cohesive and stress-free experience.

Customized Design Solutions: We tailor every remodeling project to fit your unique style and functional needs, transforming your space into a personalized haven.

Durability and Quality: Using only top-quality materials, we ensure that every remodel isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also durable and sustainable.

Local Insights: Our deep understanding of local building trends and regulations ensures that every remodel is up to code and tailored to community standards.

Start Your Remodel with Thompson General Services

Contact us today to discuss how we can transform your space. With Thompson General Services, prepare to embark on a remodeling journey that guarantees satisfaction and delivers results that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. We’re excited to work with you to make your remodeling dreams a reality!

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